The Way Forward

Monday, 17th December 2018

Our Chairman Diana Lord and consultant Peter Jordan held 8 consultative workshops across the region during the last week of November.

received several emails and telephone calls with ideas to help the Rescue Centre go forward.  In total, we had input from 66 supporters.  Of course, several ideas were repeated in the different workshops but others were unique and grew from debate in the sessions.  Overall, some 200 ideas were generated – reading the entire list gives a tremendous impression of enthusiasm and energy.  The next task was to collate this mass of information into a manageable list which was cross-referenced to the original suggestions see this long list below.  A small group of volunteers from the workshops met on Sunday 16th December to sort this long list onto a matrix of “ease of development” and “impact on the charity”.  The ideal, of course, is to find projects which are easy to develop but have a high impact!  The top priorities selected by this group will go to the board on January 15th for a final selection in the light of resources of time and money available.  The remaining ideas will be kept on a back burner to be re-examined as time goes on and opportunities present.  The results of the board’s deliberations will form the basis of the charity’s plan of development for 2019 – 2020 (see Gladd Times February 2019) and inform the budget for that year.

Consolidated Ideas

  • A. Seek opportunities for better corporate links and sponsorship
  • B. Improve membership proposition
  • C. Hold internet based fundraising activities e.g. e-vouchers
  • D. Promote the charity more actively and widely across the region
  • E. Apply for Co-Op / Tesco and similar charity funding
  • F. Take in dogs from other regions
  • G. Improve links with local vets, boarding kennels, etc.
  • H. Increase education activities aimed at children
  • I. Use shops as community hubs to promote charity
  • J. Link with local doggy people to provide small, “franchised” rescue centres
  • K. Improve links with police, council & other statutory bodies
  • L. Offer information & dog stories to local media
  • M. Coordinate sale of valuable items via eBay / Facebook
  • N. Improve links with other, predominantly local animal charities
  • O. Review investment portfolio to create income
  • P. Hold our own craft sale
  • Q. Open additional shop(s)
  • R. Increase social media presence
  • S. Recruit more volunteers
  • T. Sell more dog-related merchandise via shops / on-line channels
  • U. Rebrand and extend scope to include more species
  • V. Make money through kennel site
  • W. Make money through kennel staff & services
  • X. Establish a second centre in the West of the region
  • Y. Hold roadshows across the region with an information / education focus
  • Z. Increase size of Thornhill shop
  • AA. Make it easier for people to hand in dogs
  • BB. Increase sales channels beyond just shops
  • CC. Hold more varies fundraising events
  • DD. Develop a network of local champions / contact points
  • EE. Hold fundraising events across a wider area