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Reference: 19/006
Approx Age: 3 years, 9 months


This lovely girl is called Cassie (formerly Lassie). She is very sweet, is good with other dogs (although will bark if on lead) and loves human company. She travels well in the car and although a wee bit timid to begin with, is friendly towards strangers. Cassie can be quite distressed when left alone as she suffers with separation anxiety and has been known to be destructive, her previous owners felt by putting her in a thunder jacket she was far more relaxed. She is house trained but will have the odd accident when feeling stressed. Cassie loves a walk but not so keen on going out when it’s raining, she is happy with close handling. We have been told she is ok with cats but has no experience with young children. Cassie is strong on the lead; she has okay recall but it would need some more training. Cassie has one dysplastic hip and one that appears to have suffered trauma resulting in a slightly shortened femur and no joint at all. Her owner's vet thought she was not in pain but our observations led us to request further specialist opinion. She is on Metacam, restricted off lead exercise and undergoing Hydro therapy to try and help.


Cassie was brought into the centre as her owner felt they couldn’t give her the time she needed. She did go home for a short while but unfortunately had to be returned due to her separation anxiety causing destructive behaviour. This may have been triggered by pain due to her hip dysplasia. 

Re-homing Criteria

Cassie will be looking for a home where someone will be in most of the time. She needs an owner who understands that she can be reactive towards some other dogs and understands she can't go huge walks.

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