Happy Endings


This boy is living his best life!

"He has come on so much, when I look back. Whilst I stay with them when they’re eating he now will wait before attempting to see what’s left in Aria’s dish. Think she taught him that, as she’d eat slower than him .

He loves running on the fields behind the house, even to running with the red deer, but on coming to fences, which they jump (& technically he could) he turns & comes back to me....it was a bit of a scare 1st time the deer broke cover. But I often find both dogs, feet on top of garden wall watching the deer feed very close by....getting to know the neighbours.

He loves the car, & will happily stay in it with Aria when ever they can .... both have come along to events in church hall, & are popular there.

He sleeps through the night, main bed being under the stairs, now & then I manage to catch the pair of them cuddled up. He loves his toys, especially balls ...emptying the toy box regularly.

Now & then seeks to dominate Aria, but she soon puts him in place ... & they both enjoy a visit, planned or not, from nearest neighbours dog.....

Take care all."

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