Happy Endings


Our wee Peggy has landed on her paws!

A month has now gone by since I adopted Taalah (Peggy) and in that month we have pretty much become inseparable. She is quite simply the best companion I could have wished for.

She is now off lead having learnt her new name very quickly and returns to a name call or a single whistle. She has shown no aggression whatsoever to anyone (two or four legged) that she has met and in fact has become best of pals with my two sons. Everywhere we go, questions are asked about her too…yes, she is a beautiful girl and secretly, I think she knows it! Taalah is incredibly intelligent, clever and has a wonderfully cheeky streak, especially with Roast Chicken as the enclosed photo shows…I wouldn’t have minded except it was supposed to be my lunch for the next day !!!

Long walks, a bit of training/work, more long walks and frolicking in the sea are the order of the day and then chill time for her at home. Taalah is proving to be very affectionate although she does require time in her own space where she and I know she will not be pestered.

Thanks from both of us to all at the rescue centre for all the care and attention shown to Taalah whilst she was there.

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