Lost a Dog

If your pet goes missing, you should notify the local authority dog warden service as soon as possible.

Lost a Dog

If your dog is microchipped as required by law, you may also report it missing to the microchip database holding his records - this will safeguard him against being rehomed from a pound in some other part of the UK.

Check that your contact details on the database are all up to date - many, many strays are never reunited because their owners fail to do this simple step.

You should also report the loss to the police but bear in mind they no longer have a statutory duty to deal with strays so do not just rely on them to reunite you. It is also a good idea to alert local vets, and rescue centres like us.

Nowadays most districts have missing pet facebook groups and these can prove very useful. 

We recommend registering your dog's loss on www.doglost.co.uk  They will generate and circulate posters to rescue centres etc within a 100 mile radius. 

It is always worth flooding the local area with posters, and even emailing rescues further afield - if your dog has in fact been stolen and becomes too hot to handle he may find himself in rescue hundreds of miles from your home.

Should your dog be found in the care of a local authority (or rescue contracted to them as in our case) there will almost certainly be fees to pay. This payment has to be made to the council before you can collect your dog. There is no point in arguing with us - we do not set the fees, we just look after your dog! The fee is partly statutory, set by central government, then each local authority can determine what it chooses to cover transport, kennelling etc. You will need to call them to find out how much you need to pay before coming to Glencaple to collect your dog.