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Reference: 19.160     Approx Age: 2 years

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Bere is a gorgeous boy with lots of energy! He is prone to feeling frustrated easily if he is not given enough stimulation. He loves his toys, especially balls but he has an obsession with sticks and if he gets one he will try and guard it from you therefore he must be guided not to play with them. Bere knows basic commands but needs further guidance when out on walks. He is reactive to some on lead, and needs help to be taught an alternative to barking at other dogs, such as sit and focus on his ball. Bere  is not comfortable with people in his personal space and has bitten twice when people have been leaning over him or near him when he has food. Bere is sensitive to noises such as fireworks and thunder and gets stressed. He likes his large crate and is house trained. Bere has lived with a cat who we are told he will play with, but the cat tried to avoid him so he may be too overbearing for cats. Bere is very affectionate but he needs time and space.


Bere was handed in for rehoming as he was uncomfortable with the male owner in the house. The male owner was also anxious around dogs and after leaning over Bere to stroke, him Bere snapped at his face and marked his lip. He was then rehomed but he proved too much for his adopter.

Re-homing Criteria

Bere requires an adult only home without children. He is looking for an owner who understands the needs of nervous collies and that he can be uncomfortable with people in his space. Bere will need someone who can provide him with ongoing training and understands how to read the signs he is displaying when uncomfortable. Bere is being muzzle trained to help avoid any potential bite incidents when out in public near other dogs or strangers.

Homefinder Questionnaire

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