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I need space but also boundaries!

 Bob loves his home comforts and being nice and cosy.  He was not designed for the winter months! He can be wary of close contact and can react with trying to bite if he feels threatened. Bob enjoys nothing more than zooming around our paddock but he will try and lunge at cars so this will need managed. As he has been in kennels for a while he may need a refresher course with house training. As he is a sight hound and gets very animate at moving object and animals, he will most likely chase cats. He has not been used to children and given he can snap when touched, we recommend adults only in his next home. 


Bob has been signed over for rehoming as his owner was in hospital for a long period of time and now no longer able to look after him. He has been in boarding kennels as well as here at the centre under our Welfare Scheme , so we have got to know Bob for a couple of months now. 

Re-homing Criteria

Bob would benefit from muzzle training and from touch training to desensitise him to touch and help with any invasive veterinary examinations. Bob’s future adopters must recognise when he is not comfortable and provide him with the space he requires. As Bob can become over excited and aroused by certain people or animals he needs taught boundaries and alternate responses to this reactive behaviour.  Bob can be excited and frustrated by cars passing so his next owner must be willing to help manage this. He needs a home without children and as Bob is not keen on sharing his space, he would benefit from being the only animal in his next home. 

Homefinder Questionnaire

If you'd like to help rehome Bob simply complete the Homefinder Questionnaire to get started.


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