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Reference: 19.125     Approx Age: 5 years

Good in Car:
House Trained:
Good With Children:
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Good with Dogs:

Casey has come from a home where she had little experience of new environments and lead walks. She now finds new places and being out on walks very overwhelming and becomes frustrated and stressed. As she has been under-stimulated for her spaniel behaviour she has learned that outside means the opportunity to search and/or chase. Casey has resorted to spinning obsessively on lead as a coping mechanism so in order to help her overcome this, she is being taught to focus her attention on her ball and rewarded for calm behaviour. Casey is very affectionate and settles well in the house once she is familiar with her surroundings. She has been used to other spaniels previously so could share her home with another dog if the match is right, however in order for her to receive as much one to one training as possible, she may be best as an only dog at this stage. Casey will try to chase birds and is not good with small furry animals. She has not had much experience of travelling in a car. Her recall training is coming on but this will need continued.


Casey was originally brought in to us in Jan 2019 after her owner passed away. Very little information was given from the neighbours about Casey’s history other than, Casey’s owner did not leave the house often so she was not used to walks. She was rehomed 2/2/19 but returned a few months later as her spinning behaviour was too excessive for her adopter to manage and they could not give her the ongoing guidance she requires.

Re-homing Criteria

We are looking for a very specific home for Casey, with a dedicated owner who understands she needs ongoing consistency in her training. She requires a rural home away from busy areas and lots of distractions so her socialisation and triaining can continue at an appropriate level. Her owner must be able to continue her focus training which involves teaching her obedience skills for reward, including walking calmly on the lead, and teaching a ball-retrieve. Although Casey has been good with the 12 year old she lived with briefly, we feel she would suit a quiet, adult only home at this stage.

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