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For rehoming to be possible, you must reside within the Dumfries & Galloway region whilst restrictions are still in place.

Reference: 19.159     Approx Age: 2 years, 4 months

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Can I be your collie project?

Dash is a young, energetic collie who loves affection. He is highly strung and overstimulated easily, therefore is looking for minimal home. He is friendly meeting strangers but is very strong on lead. Dash is looking for an owner who can provide him with on going guidance. He has not met cats and can be reactive to dogs especially on lead. Dash has a high herding instinct and is very reactive to cars and bicycles. As he becomes very frustrated when cars go past, as responds by lunging and snapping, we recommend muzzle training him to avoid a redirection bite. (We only recommend basket muzzles as opposed to material muzzles which do not allow the dog pant). Dash is very affectionate and friendly meeting strangers. He is fearful of hoovers and has had little experience of travelling in the car.  We are told Dash was fine on the journey to the centre. He has lived with an 11 year old and a 13 year old who we are told he was fine with, however we feel he would suit adults only in his next home as he can be overwhelmed by movement and noise. Dash is a clever boy who with the right stimulation, will blossom.


Dash's owner was sadly terminally ill and family members could not keep him. He was rehomed briefly but unfortunately he proved too much and requires more ongoing guidance.

Re-homing Criteria

Dash requires an owner who can commit to continuing his training. As he is very reactive to moving vehicles, he is not suitable for living near a busy road. Although he is friendly towards children, we don't recommend he is walked with children as he has redirected when cars go past. We feel Dash would suit a very rural home, with a collie experienced owner who can provide him with ongoing guidance using positive reinforcement. Muzzle training will provide his owner with safety until he has progressed with his training near traffic.

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