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Reference: 19.173     Approx Age: 2 years

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Dougie is rural boy who has not encountered many new people or places. He is very nervous and spooked easily by noise or sudden movement. Dougie has not lived in a house before and will need guidance with house training. This handsome boy will need time to adjust to new situations. He has not been used to being in a vehicle much and the times he has been, he was crated. Dougie has mixed with other farm collies who we are told he was okay with. He is quite timid meeting other dogs and finds some too overwhelming, so he offers appeasement gestures when he is not comfortable. He is a loving boy who with a soft and patient approach will blossom in the right home.


Dougie was originally from a farm but his farmer could not get him interested in sheep so he was rehomed by them to someone in a small village but this owner passed away so he was taken back to the farm before being handed into to the centre for rehoming.

Re-homing Criteria

We are looking for a rural home away from traffic and noise. Dougie needs an owner who can commit their time to helping him grow with confidence and introduce him to new people and situations slowly without overwhelming him. He requires an owner who understands he has never lived in a house and this will take time for him to adapt. We are looking for a child free home for this nervous boy.

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