•  Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  •  Dark brindle

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Reference: 21/002     Approx Age: 7 years

Good in Car:
House Trained:
Good With Children:
Good With Cats:
Good with Dogs:

Sweet, happy girl with lots of love to give

Esme is a dinky girl, small for her breed. She is extremely loving and, like many Staffies, would rather have a sofa to call her own than spend time in kennels. She loves attention and can get quite excited when fussed, but often ends up asking for a tummy rub. Esme is a joy to walk on the lead and likes going for walks with other well-behaved dogs. She is quite submissive and usually ignores dogs who are barking at her. She prefers dry days to rainy ones (who doesn't?) and a coat for protection against the elements, as well as a comfy bed, is high on her list of priorities. True to her breed, she likes food and responds well to reward-based training using treats. Esme loves human company and may be noisy if left alone for long periods of time. When brought to the rescue, she was noisy in the van but may travel better in a car. She has kept her kennel clean and has not been destructive with her bedding or toys.


Esme came to us from a dog pound, so has no known history.

Re-homing Criteria

Esme would suit a single adult household, a couple or family. She may be able to live with children over the age of 8. Like many Staffies, she enjoys walks but won't require frequent long-distance hikes to keep her happy. Subject to a suitable introduction, she could live with other well-behaved male or female dogs but, given the choice, human company may be more important to her.

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