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Reference: 19.181     Approx Age: 3 years

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Flash is a very friendly lady who despite having lack of vision is coping very well to new people and environments. She adores cuddles and is very affectionate to everyone. Flash has come from a farm background and has not lived in a house before. We are told she was got on okay with the other collies on the farm but did not get on with one of the female collies. Since being at the centre she has come into season though so hormones may have caused some disagreements. As Flash has barely any vision this can impact on how other dogs interact with her. She is not used to being in a vehicle much so may need help and reassurance getting used to this. Flash has not had much interaction with children. Although she is friendly, we would advise a home without young children as she needs consistency and a quieter home.


Flash was originally from a farm with an older owner who was ill and could not look after her. Her latest owner took her on with the hope to work her with sheep but given the fact she is mostly blind she could not work livestock.

Re-homing Criteria

Flash will need an owner who has a quiet, rural home and understands she needs help adjusting to new environments. She has barely any vision so will need a consistent routine in her next home and somewhere where she won’t be overwhelmed by new environments.  

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