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Reference: 19/200     Approx Age: 1 year

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Anxious boy.

 Hamish is a young, anxious boy who has been quite isolated in his first home and he can be unsettled with new things. He is sensitive to peoples’ emotions and doesn’t deal with anxiety well. Hamish likes his toys and will guard them, he hasn’t been great when meeting new dogs or people when he is out and about and he has snapped at adults in the house when he was uncomfortable.  Hamish has previously lived with another small dog without any issues but he isn’t good with cats and he would probably prefer to be an only pet. He is very toy focused and loves to play, he is good at travelling. Hamish needs to go back to basic with house training. He would benefit from basic training once he has settled.


Hamish was brought into the centre due to his owner’s ill health. He was re-homed after being at the centre for a short period of time but unfortunately he wasn’t the right match for his new owner and he was brought in for re-homing.

Re-homing Criteria

Hamish needs a patient, adult only home with an experienced owner who can read dog body language well. He will need time to adapt to change and if Hamish feels worried and has not learned alternative responses to perceived threats he may snap.  His next adopter must be able to recognise his signals and provide him with the space he requires to help him feel less threatened.

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