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Reference: 19/206     Approx Age: 5 years

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Independent boy who likes his space. Needs a secure garden away from sheep!

It can take Louis a while to feel comfortable with new people. He shows signs of not enjoying close contact and like his space. Louis has been used to an outside kennel for part of his life so can scent mark initially when in a new home. He tries to keep his kennel clean, so he would soon get the hang of living indoors. Louis has shared his space with two other small dogs who we are told he got on with most of the time. He can be reactive to new dogs he meets however so would need careful introductions to new dogs with an owner understands he can show aggression to some dogs especially on lead. Louis has had experience living with cats previously and we are told he was okay with them. Louis loves his walks and playing with toys. He needs guidance on leaving the toy he has rather than feeling the need to guard it. Louis is predatory to sheep and will chase birds or small fluffy animals. He lacks experience of travelling in the car. He loves being cosy and will go in his owners bed if he gets the opportunity. 


Louis was handed in for rehoming due to him chasing and biting sheep.

Re-homing Criteria

Louis requires an adopter who must be able to recognise his body language and provide him with the space he requests. As Louis displayed some toy guarding behaviour he will need help to overcome by exchanging items for something of equal or higher value continues to reduce any stress and eliminates the possibility of aggression. Louis will require an adult only home, with an owner who understands that he is a dog who likes his space and has experience handling terriers. His on lead aggression can be managed by teaching him alternative responses to lunging and barking such as sitting and focusing on the owner with reward training. Muzzle training would be beneficial to ensure he can’t make to other dogs in public. Ensuring Louis is not allowed access to livestock is a must in order to prevent any future incidents.

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