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Our centre is currently closed unless you have booked an appointment. Currently we are following and adhering to Scottish Government guidelines on coronavirus. This means our centre can rehome to anyone travelling from a local authority area classed from Level 0 – 2. If you reside in an area classed Level 3 – 4 then, unfortunately, we are currently unable to invite you to our centre. Please check which level of restrictions are in place in the Council area you reside. We are currently unable to consider interest questionnaires if received from areas classed Level 3 – 4. Also, due to the advice from the Scottish Government on travelling across the Scottish borders, we are currently unable to consider any interest questionnaires if received from areas within England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

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Reference: 20/063     Approx Age: 1 year, 2 months

Good in Car:
House Trained:
Good With Children:
Good With Cats:
Good with Dogs:

Comical, sensitive and fun loving boy.

If your looking for a loyal fun loving companion, well you have found him ! Mason is a young GSD X, already having had 4 moves in less than a year, this boy needs his forever home.

Mason behaves younger than his 10 months, having such an unsettled past has not helped his development. This boy needs to be treated as a pup, back to basics, however he travels well, and is house trained. He loves nothing more than playing with a ball or frisbee.

Mason has not had any continuity in his life up until now, which has caused him to be unsure of new people and some situations, he will vocalise his anxiety. However if you are the bringer of treats and prepared to play ball this soon subsides and you are then considered a friend.

Mason really deserves and needs his new loving forever home, he has many GSD traits one of which is loyalty he is  just  needing that special  person who he can be loyal to.

we are sure that Mason will flourish in the right home enviroment, preferably with owners who have experience with his breed. He requires on going training, a steady and calm enviroment, with plenty of love and fun. 

**Mason walks with an unusual gait, x-rays of his hips and spine didn’t show anything obvious.  However, veterinary treatment may be required later in his life.**


Mason is looking for a new home due to his owner’s ill health.

Re-homing Criteria

Mason is looking for a home with a person/s who is prepared to invest in his future with training, love and commitment, who also understands the needs of the GSD breed. Mason would benefit also from further socialisation. We do not think Mason would be suitable for a home with younger children, but teenagers would be OK.

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