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Reference: 19.052     Approx Age: 2 years

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Max is a nervous boy who needs his space. He is not keen on close contact but is coming on with his touch training. Max has not been used to new people so he needs time to adjust and feel comfortable with strangers. This handsome boy has come from a home where he was the only pet, however he met family members dogs who he was okay with. Max is strong on lead and prone to getting frustrated and bored easily. As he has come from working stock, he needs to be kept active. Max has a high chase instinct and will chase birds and cats. He has not lived wit other dogs but appears friendly to most he meets on walks.


Max was brought in to us as his owner could not give him the stimulation he requires. He was adopted very briefly but his frustration on lead proved too much for his adopter. Max was barking at one of his adopter who was digging in the garden, in an attempt to stop his barking, his adopter started patting him and Max redirected and snapped at his owners hand.

Re-homing Criteria

We are looking for an owner who understands that Max will snap if he is not comfortable. When he is frustrated it is important not to try and touch him to calm him, as this can actually heighten his stress levels. resulting in a redirection bite (frustration displaced onto nearest person). He needs a patient, calm owner who will let him adjust in his own time and will help give him clear, consistent guidance using reward based training. His new owner will need to continue his touch training following the guidance we provide. Max needs a home without children or cats. He would suit a rural home and an owner who has lots of time to help him learn and feel relaxed. 

Homefinder Questionnaire

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