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For rehoming to be possible, you must reside within the Dumfries & Galloway region whilst restrictions are still in place.

Reference: 19/231

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Sensitive soul.

Ollie is an anxious boy who is looking for a quiet home as he becomes frustrated very easily by noise and movement. Ollie has shared his home with children however he was displaying signs of being uncomfortable with them and avoided them as much as he could. Ollie has reacted by trying to nip people who are leaving the house which stems from his natural desire to herd and control.  In order to help him overcome this, it is firstly important to keep his frustration levels to a minimum and teach him a cue such as “in your bed” as an alternative behaviour. Ollie is affectionate once he knows you and is relaxed, but he does also like his space and quiet time.  When out for walks, Ollie is reactive to other dogs on lead so will need an owner who is prepared to help manage this for following our advice. Ollie loves going out in the car and is house trained.  He has never met cats and shows some fear avoidance towards cows. Ollie is active and loves his walks.


Ollie was originally handed in for rehoming back in May 2019 after his owners were moving house. We were originally told he was good with the children he lived with but after placing him in a home with children we discovered he was tolerating children and actually would rather avoid children if he could. We feel he needs a quiet, adult only home as he is an anxious boy who can be quite highly strung.

Re-homing Criteria

Ollie requires an adult only home in a rural environment. We are looking for owner who do not have lots of visitors and are able to provide Ollie with guidance. Ollie can suffer from anxiety initially when the owners are leaving the house so  his next adopter will need to help desensitise him to this following our guidelines.

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