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For rehoming to be possible, you must reside within the Dumfries & Galloway region whilst restrictions are still in place.

Reference: 19/176     Approx Age: 2 years, 6 months

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I need guidance, reassurance and commitment

Peanut is a very nervous dog who regards unfamiliar people to be threatening, in particular when they come towards him and try to touch him. He gives obvious signs of being uncomfortable such as ears pinned back, whale eye and paw lift. If strangers do not give him the time to gain their trust he will snap. Peanut loves interacting with other dogs and is currently being fostered by a staff member who has 3 other dogs. He is loving life in his foster home but he is vocal if he hears people walk past the door or window. Peanut has taken a keen liking to the male dog in the house and enjoys playing. He has learned the boundaries from the other female dog who did not want her space invaded. He loves to be cosy and enjoys time in his own bed. When he is comfortable he likes to be left alone to have some quiet time in his own bed. Peanut scent marked initially when he went into the house but has not had any further accidents. Peanut has been sick in the car previously so may need help overcoming this travel sickness or lack of experience. This little guy is very affectionate once he knows you however this process can't be rushed. Peanut prefers a quiet home with adults and is not comfortable around children. We are unsure if he has met cats before.


Peanut was handed into the centre  for snapping at children and making contact with adults who tried to touch him or came into the garden. He has had two homes before coming into us.

Re-homing Criteria

Peanut needs a quiet, adult only home, with another friendly, laid back dog to help build his confidence.  His next adopter must be able to recognise his appeasement gestures and calming signals in order to prevent him from snapping. We are looking for a home where he will get the reassurance and guidance he requires, with a committed owner who understands this will take time and consistency. Peanut needs an owner who can provide him with further socialising at a slow, steady pace.

Peanut has shown slight sensitivities to certain foods or environments so he is on hypo-allergenic food plus Piriton (antihistamine) to help with any potential allergies. This has improved since treatment but adopters will need to continue monitoring his skin for any changes. 

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