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Reference: 19.064     Approx Age: 1 year

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Shug is a typical young Jack Russel.  He loves to play but can be very over the top with other dogs some of whom will not accept this behaviour. His previous owner said he was great with children including a baby. However, as he is an adolescent male, full of energy, we recommend careful introductions to any new children. He has been house trained and also crate trained which would give peace of mind to any possible adopter having to leave him on his own for short periods, as young dogs can chew.  He has no experience of cats but it is known he will chase small furry animals.  Shug has a good recall but requires some lead work and focus training as he is reactive when he sees other dogs. This can be overcome with consistent, "look at me" training where he is taught to focus his attention on his owner and rewarded for doing so. If we teach him an alternative to barking and reinforce this, he will learn what is an appropriate behaviour


Shug has been brought along to us for rehoming as he was not getting on with the older dog already in the home. He was adopted for a brief amount of time but unfortunately his adopters felt they could not commit to his further training.

Re-homing Criteria

Shug requires a patient owner who understands the needs of an energetic, adolescent terrier. He is looking for guidance when out on walks as he is can become frustrated on lead. Shug needs a committed owner who can invest lots of one to one training and understands it take time and lots of patience!

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