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Reference: 19.217     Approx Age: 1 year, 1 month

Good in Car:
House Trained:
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I need guidance and consistency

Star is a lively youngster who can't wait to learn and be given some consistent guidance. She can be nervous of new people and environments and is looking for a patient owner who can provide her with reassurance and socialising using positive reward based methods. Star will lunge at traffic and given that she is most likely from working collie parents, her herding drive is quite strong. This youngster lacks experience in the car and has been sick so will need help overcome this. Star shows some resource guarding behaviour and will need an owner who will continue the training we recommend. We are told Star may chase cats but may take a telling from a confident cat.


Star was handed in for rehoming as her behaviour was too much for her owners. We were told she was snapping at visitors who came to the house as well as a family member.

Re-homing Criteria

We are looking for an experienced, committed owner who understands the needs of a nervous young collie. Star requires an owner who is at home most of the time as she is a young pup who still requires house training. Given her breed, and age she requires and owner who will provide her with plenty of mental stimulation to prevent frustration and boredom. Star is nervous and if she feel threatened she can snap so we are looking for an adult only home. Stars next owner must be able to read when she feels worried and help provide her with reassurance and guidance. We feel she would most likely benefit from another older, sociable dog to show her the ropes. 

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