Katerina Balani


Katerina Balani

Katerina  originally comes from Greece. She came in UK 11 years ago  to work as a dentist. She is currently working towards becoming an Ethologist (Behaviourist) by following the 2-year full time master’s degree program at the University of Cluj-Napoca on Ethology and Human Animal Interaction.

She recently completed the 1-year Dog Aggression course for Professionals created by Dr Amber Batson. Amongst other accreditations, she is a certified Family Dog Mediator and licensed Family Dog Mediator in the sheltering division through the L.E.G.S program created by Kim Brophey.

She lives with her partner and their six rescue dogs in South West Scotland. In Greece ,she was a volunteer at shelters for more than 15 years. She has worked closely with different dog rescuing organisations from Greece, Germany and UK . An example of such an organisation is Greek Animal Rescue based in UK. whose work on helping dogs from Greece and mostly on neutering programs is invaluable for the last 35 years.

Over the last 25 years being involved in dog rescuing, she fostered, successfully rehomed and followed more than 100 dogs of different breeds and age. Her target is to help and encourage people adopt older dogs and the ones who had a long stay in shelters. Her special interest is dog reactivity and aggression.