You can help support the work of Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre in lots of ways.


The rescue centre relies on the support of the community to look after the dogs in its care.  

Our running costs are met from the sale of donated good in our charity shops, fund raising events and, of course, donations.  Regular monthly donations are especially valuable as they help our cash flow.  Here are some examples of how your donation might be used:

  • £5 buys food for a dog for a week
  • £10 pays for an antiparasitic treatment for a dog
  • £20 buys a bed and cosy hygienic bedding for a dog

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Virgin Money Giving

We're registered with Virgin Money Giving!

You can sponsor an existing fundraiser doing something on our behalf, or you can think up your own way of raising money and use this website to promote it/collect the money.

This takes all the hassle out of collecting the cash - people simply donate online to your event, Virgin Money Giving submit the Gift Aid application on our behalf, and send us the total in due course. You don't have to chase people after the event, and we don't have reams of extra paperwork to contend with. Seemples!