Bring in a Dog

People need to give up their dogs for all sorts of reasons.

Bring in a Dog

We do not judge - we are happy when owners contact us rather than resort to social media or free ad sites to find a way to rehome their dog.

How quickly we can offer a space varies throughout the year and also depends on your dog's breed type and history. Some dogs are admitted for assessment first before we accept ownership, as we have a duty of care to the general public.

In the first instance the owner should telephone us on 01387 770210 between 12 and 4 any day to give us the dog's details and their contact details. If you are telephoning on someone else's behalf please be aware that we need proof of ownership or the written consent of the owner before admission. 

When bringing your dog in, please bring his vaccination card if one is available. We admit vaccinated dogs seven days a week, unvaccinated dogs are admitted Tuesdays and Wednesdays so they don't have too long to wait for our weekly vet visit. It can, therefore, ensure a quicker appointment being offered if you get your dog vaccinated while waiting.

You may bring any of your dog's belongings with him to help him settle in. However, we cannot guarantee that should you have your dog back again that these will be returned also, as they will get put into general circulation once your dog has settled.