Giving up your dog

People need to give up their dogs for all sorts of reasons.

Giving up your dog

We understand that giving up a dog is a stressful and upsetting process. At DGCRC we are committed to supporting you wherever we can, so please contact us if you need advice.  An enquiry with us however does not always result in us being able to take your dog, as this may not always be possible or practicable. 

Possible reasons for our service being unable to except your dog in to the centre;

  • Our kennels are full, and we also have a waiting list.
  • Your dog has demonstrated aggression towards people. We have a duty of care towards our staff, volunteers and potential adopters to maintain their health and safety. 
  • Being in the kennels environment would be detrimental to your dogs health and well-being.  

If we are unable to take your dog for any of the above reasons we will give you details of other services that maybe able to help. Please remember, your dog remains your responsibility until we or an other service can confirm we/they are able to except your dog.


Please contact us either via email or phone 01387 770210 (answer phone available, please leave contact details and your dogs name)