Adopting a Dog

Read our 5 step guide to adopting a dog from the Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue Centre.

Adopting a Dog

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Step 1: Registering

You will need to complete a Homefinder Questionnaire.

If there is a dog on our site who has caught your eye, you will need to fill in a Homefinder Questionnaire.

This simple form tells us a bit about you and your circumstances so that we can see if you would be a good match for the dog in mind. The form can be found when you click on the “Express an Interest” button at the bottom of the dogs information page. 


Step 2: Find Your Perfect Partner

Please remember that the situation can change very quickly. We can have several new dogs admitted in a day.

It is important that you spend some time getting to know your possible partner. You may be together for more than the next 10 years! You will be able to walk your dog and play with it in one of the secure areas. It is important that all the family get to know the dog and share in the decision that this is the one for you.  Multiple visits to spend time with your chosen dog may be required.

We will not allow a dog to go home as a surprise for the children. If you already have another dog, then you should arrange for them to meet and see that they get on together under supervision at the centre.

Step 3: Home Check

A home check will be carried out, unless you have had a dog from us before and are at the same address, or if you are outwith our area, have had several dogs and there is enough relevant information on file at your vet's practice to provide us a satisfactory reference. In the latter case, we will also require photos of your property, and will do a google maps search too.

A home check covers much the same ground as the questions in the Homefinder questionnaire but it enables us to check things like the security of the garden, if you have one, the likely living arrangements and so on and gives you an opportunity to ask questions and make sure you are ready to receive your new family member. Don't worry about the home check - we have very few black and white rules and just want to ensure the dog you have chosen is suited to the environment you can offer and to pre-empt any possible teething problems by offering appropriate advice.

Usually, the home check is carried out with a particular dog in mind but we may do this job before you have found your perfect partner.

Step 4: Homeward Bound

Assuming all the vet work has been done and the home check is satisfactory, you will adopt your dog.

Your dog will have a vet check; it will have been vaccinated (if needed), wormed and flea treated. It will have been neutered provided it is old enough and fit enough. If this has not been done before adoption, we will talk to you about arrangements for the operation to be carried out at a more appropriate time.

We ask for an adoption fee (currently £110.00 for all dogs over 4 months and £130.00 for dogs up to four months) which goes a small way towards the costs of caring for your dog and the many more that need our help. This is not a price for your dog, it is a non-refundable fee for the service we provide.

We will supply two days' food to start you off and a secondhand collar. Other secondhand equipment may sometimes be available for a donation, or you can choose from our range of competitively priced beds, bowls, collars, leads and collapsible crates.

You will be given a cover note for 4 weeks free Pet Plan insurance. We will not release the dog to you until you have a collar with a proper identity disc attached (your name and address at a minimum). We will microchip your dog as we recommend this permanent form of identification.You must register with a vet as soon as you can.

Occasionally an adoption will not work - in these cases we ask that you contact us to arrange an appointment to return the dog to our care - it must not be given to a third party without our prior consent.

Step 5: Follow Up

We will contact you in a week or so to see how things are going.
You may contact us for any help and advice that you need.

We hope that you will work through any problems that may occur – every family has them from time to time - but if things really go wrong then we will take back the dog for reassessment.