Thinking of us in your will? Find out how to make sure your legacy reaches us


It is no secret that the major source of income for any charity comes from legacies and as income from other activities is falling due to the general economic climate, it is more important than ever that we ensure that we actually receive everything that is intended for our charity.

Over the last year, the situation has improved slightly with more people becoming aware of our difficulties in this respect and taking action to ensure that their intentions have been clearly stated. However, it is vitally important that we continue to address the problem.

However, there is a constant cloud hanging over us in that we lose thousands of pounds of legacies which were clearly intended to help the Glencaple Centre but due to circumstances outwith our control are claimed by our predecessors. It is not possible to give an accurate sum but it is certainly well into six figures.

Many of these situations we are only aware of because they are dealt with locally but, of course, many people all over the UK and beyond have roots in Dumfries and Galloway and may have made wills in favour of Dovecotewells. Unfortunately, unless the name of the Charity is correct on the will, the money can be legitimately claimed by the national charity that formerly operated from Dovecotewells. The legal position is quite simple, any legacy must go to the named individual or organisation irrespective of their current address and the fact that they have moved away is completely irrelevant.

This situation has, of course, occurred because:

  1. Many wills were made a long time ago and have not been updated.
  2. We occupy the same premises so, sadly, many people believe that we are still the same Charity.
  3. In spite of numerous letters to local solicitors and press releases, we have simply failed to make the desired impact. This sad situation has two very unfortunate consequences viz:
    1. Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue Centre is losing huge sums of money which could be put to such good use to benefit the local area, increase our range of services and, of course, help even more dogs. Every penny we receive is spent on directly caring for dogs.
    2. Most importantly, the wishes of the deceased are not being fulfilled as they intended which is particularly sad as many of these “lost legacies” are from people who have supported this Charity in recent years.

Please help us to rectify this situation by making as many people as possible aware of the problem and ensuring that if you or any of your family or friends wish to leave a lasting legacy, it is vitally important to specify it is for DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY CANINE RESCUE CENTRE, DOVECOTEWELLS, GLENCAPLE, DUMFRIES, DG1 4RH.

Likewise, if you made out your will some time ago, please ensure that it is updated to reflect your wishes.

If you would like more information regarding legacies, please contact the Kennels on 01387 770210 or info@caninerescue.co.uk.