Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Since we took over the site in 2003, we have been slowly upgrading, refurbishing and replacing the elderly facilities.

Our new arrivals are each allocated  spacious kennel and day-run. The intake runs and new, puropse-built puppy and isolation units were completed in December 2013 and were opened by our patron Lady Mary Herries.

New arrivals are weighed, wormed and flea-treated, and a weekly visit from our vet ensures all are thoroughly checked over and fully vaccinated.

After a seven day quarantine period, any entire dogs are neutered and recover in our post-operative recovery kennels, also refurbished in 2013.

Our purpose-built rehoming block built in 2008 has individual covered runs, underfloor heating, piped music, and a grass exercise enclosure with a sandpit which is very popular!

The large paddock is used daily for safe off lead exercise and play.

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