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For rehoming to be possible, you must reside within the Dumfries & Galloway region whilst restrictions are still in place.

Reference: 19/218     Approx Age: 2 years, 11 months

Good in Car:
House Trained:
Good With Children:
Good With Cats:
Good with Dogs:

Buddy is an energetic, terrier who is looking for some guidance. Once he knows you he is very affectionate but he does needs guidance learning boundaries. Buddy can mouth very hard and becomes aroused very easily therefore he is needs discouraged from rough play. Buddy can be vocal and very full on with some dogs. He has shared his space with another dog for a short period of time but we are told the other dog was not keen on him. Buddy is very toy and food motivated so this helps with training. He lacks experience of cats and given his full on terrier nature, we can’t guarantee he would live with one. Buddy has been sick in the car previously so will need help becoming used to traveling. Buddy will make a great companion for an owner who has lots of time to invest with his ongoing training. 


Buddy was handed in for rehoming as he has bitten in his previous home. His owners were also moving house and with young children in the home they could not provide him with the ongoing training he requires as he was not comfortable with children in his space.

Re-homing Criteria

Buddy displays resource guarding behaviour which means he feels the need to guard items he values such as toys or treats. This can be managed by swapping items he values for higher value items so he doe not feel threatened. An adult only home is essential.  He is not comfortable with veterinary examinations so is being muzzle trained and desensitised to touch.  Calm touch-training would also help him understand hands are not for biting. This must be continued and his adopter must be committed to his ongoing requirements. His nature is that of a strong-willed terrier so his adopter must understand the characteristics of independent terriers who require guidance.  Buddy would very much prefer to live with a single male owner.

Homefinder Questionnaire

If you'd like to help rehome Buddy simply complete the Homefinder Questionnaire to get started.


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