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Reference: 23/087     Approx Age: 2 years

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In need of an experienced, patient owner.

This boy came to us back in July 2023 as one of the famous Moffat strays.


Glen can be very nervous meeting new people so he really needs someone who is patient and happy to start from scratch with him. He has proven to be good with dogs he has been introduced to here at the centre and we feel he would be happier with a doggy companion in his life. 


A lot of work has gone into these dogs and now they have been given a second chance at life.

Due to Glen's extremely under socialised background we will be looking for very specific homes, any applications received will be strongly vetted for suitability. Potential homes will need to have experience of under-socialised dogs, preferably large breeds, have a large fully enclosed garden with solid fencing of 6ft +.

Any potential homes will need to be extremely patient and understanding with their training going forward.


Glen came to us an an unclaimed stray.

Re-homing Criteria

Any potential adopters of these dogs must be prepared to regularly visit the centre multiple times a week to develop a bond , this is a must and non-negotiable, so please keep this in mind when applying especially if you are not local to the centre.

We believe these guys to have only lived in a multi dog, kennel situation with little social interaction from people. They would all benefit from a confident, well socialised, neutered dog in the household of the opposite sex. The improvement in these guys since being with us is nothing short of amazing in such a short time, but there is still a long road ahead and any adopters would need to be extremely patient and understanding going forward with their training, as it is unlikely they would ever be an average pet dog.

We will not be considering homes with children under 18yrs or cats. 

A home where someone is around most of the time is important, and we are looking for very quiet homes and locations as they would not cope in a busy environment.

A totally secure garden is essential with solid fencing, not mesh or wire, of at least 6ft as they have all attempted to clear our 7ft fencing around the paddock area.

Each dog has their own separate needs and personality and we will be reading through all applications to see if any would match a specific dogs requirements. When completing the Home-finding Questionnaire, please give as much information as possible on your experience and circumstances. These dogs have come on leaps and bounds since coming to the centre, but any potential adopters will need to understand that leaving us will be a massive set back to their development , but this does need to happen so they can move forward. Adopters need to understand that it will be a long road moving forward, and will not be a easy task, but the reward when they are settled would be second to none!

If you feel you have the right experience, environment, time and patience to give one of our Moffat dogs a home please complete our Home-finding Questionnaire and we will be in touch if we feel you'd be a good match.

Homefinder Questionnaire

If you'd like to help rehome Glen simply complete the Homefinder Questionnaire to get started.


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