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Reference: 20/083     Approx Age: < 1 year

Good in Car:
House Trained:
Good With Children:
Good With Cats:
Good with Dogs:

Young super intelligent, over exuberant work in progress!

Milo is very intelligent, to the point if he doesn’t get to use his brain unwanted behaviours manifest themselves! In saying that if exercise is added to the mix and training is continued, we feel that Milo will make someone a super companion.

Milo needs direction, simple as that. He is not a dog that will be happy sitting around with the odd walk around the block. Mo Farah would be hard pushed to wear this boy out, but masses of exercise and mental stimulation is exactly what Milo needs to be happy.


Milo – 1yr old cross breed neutered male. Milo came to us as a visiting child in the home was worried around him.

Re-homing Criteria

Milo’s seeks a home where adventure and outdoor activities are the norm. Milo’s new owner needs to have had previous experience in the training and behaviour side of owning a dog. Agility, fly ball and scent work are all on the cards for this chap.  Love, understanding and patience are vital qualities that we will be looking for in his new owner.  PLEASE DO NOT APPLY if you have never had a dog before, you have children under the age of 18, or you have other pets including dogs. Or if you are the kind of person that cancels a walk if it’s raining as you will not be the right home for our super boy Milo.


Homefinder Questionnaire

If you'd like to help rehome Milo simply complete the Homefinder Questionnaire to get started.


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