Why Sponsor these Dogs?

Make a SAD Dog Happy!

Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue Centre cares for and rehomes over 300 stray and unwanted dogs each year.

A small number of them have conditions that make it difficult for them to find permanent homes, either because they are very elderly and infirm or because their need for ongoing and expensive medication proves a deterrent for many adopters.

We do not believe it serves the best interests of these dogs by keeping them permanently in kennels.

Your sponsorship means these dogs can be offered Supported Adoption Dog placements (SAD) and live out their lives in the comfort of a home.

From as little as £1 a week you could help these dogs have the chance of a normal life.

It costs us over £500 to rehome a dog on average, but include the old age pensioners and medically challenged dogs for whom we have ongoing financial responsibility and the figure is much, much higher. With no government funding we rely heavily on the generosity of people. By becoming a sponsor you will help ensure they receive the best possible care.

When you sponsor our SAD dogs you will receive our quarterly members’ newsletter, and regular updates on the dogs you are helping. You can also sponsor them as a gift for a friend!

Sponsor our Dogs  

Sponsorship FAQ's

1. What will my sponsorship money be used for?
Your sponsorship money will be used to help provide veterinary care (including specialist diets) for the dogs that would be impossible to rehome without providing ongoing financial support.

2. Can I sponsor an individual dog?
Because we are such a small team we have found individual sponsorship impossible to administer effectively. Therefore your sponsorship will be for these special dogs as a group.

3. How often will I hear about the dogs I sponsor?
You will receive updates three times a year to keep you informed of the new dogs that have been added to the scheme and any that have sadly passed away. You will also receive our quarterly newsletter which includes information of new dogs in the kennels and forthcoming events.

4. Can I meet my sponsor dogs?
It can be quite difficult for the sponsor dogs to attend events as some live a distance away and others may not be suitable around other dogs, children etc. Some of the dogs can and do attend events and we will inform people of where and when they will be. We want to ensure these dogs lead happy, normal lives in a secure home, so they are not available for a visit on the spur of the moment.

5. How can I sponsor a dog?
Please complete a Sponsorship form  and choose your method of payment on the form.

6. How many dogs will I be sponsoring?
The number of dogs on our Sponsor a Dog scheme can change all the time. You will be notified in your updates of any additions to the scheme and also if any of the dogs have passed away.

7. I do not have a bank account, can I still sponsor a dog?
Yes, direct debit is the most economical way for the charity to manage donations. However you can choose to pay the annual amount by cheque or postal order or PayPal. Please make cheques payable to D&G Canine Rescue and send to DGCRC, Dovecotewells. by Glencaple, Dumfries DG1 4RH

8. Any other questions?
Please e-mail us at: info@caninerescue.co.uk or alternatively contact the centre on: 01387 770210 between 12noon and 4pm.