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Fun-loving Vizsla who can now live life to the fullest!

Cooper’s previous owner sadly passed away and unfortunately, he had been in the house for some time. When he arrived at the centre, Cooper was emaciated and had several health issues. He wasn’t improving and continued declining despite extensive veterinary treatment. Our vet decided that explorative surgery would be our best option to determine if he had cancer or a tumour. The vet found nothing significant, and Cooper returned to the centre with a prescription diet and medication. Over the next few weeks, Cooper began to improve. He rapidly gained weight and started acting like the goofy fun-loving Vizsla we knew he could be! Cooper was successfully rehomed in March 2023 and is now living his life to the fullest as a young, carefree dog! However, Cooper needs medication and a special diet for the rest of his life which can be costly, thus the decision was taken to include him in the Supported Adoption Scheme. 

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