Bitch  •  Crossbreed  •  Brindle

Penny is a petite lady and it's a bit of a guessing game what breeds are in her! She is a funny little character. A lot of Romanian dogs learn to survive on the streets but Penny is certainly enjoying her home comforts now.

Penny originally came from Romania. She was brought from the streets of Romania to Essex where she was spayed and subsequently placed in a foster home in Glasgow. When one of the foster carer's Chihuahuas was killed, Penny got the blame, despite the newer addition of a predatory young lurcher to the mix. She was going to be put to sleep but we were asked to take her and assess her. She had to have a cruciate ligament repair done whilst in our care and there is a strong possibility the other will need doing at some stage. In addition, her teeth are pitted probably due to an infection causing a high temperature when she was a puppy, so we decided to support her adoption in order to give her the best possible chance. She is now living with another foreign rescue dog and is getting on great in her new home.

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