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When Bella met Philip

Published on Dec 3, 2018

Rescue dog, Bella, went to meet Philip Schofield (aka the Silver Fox) on ITV’s “This Morning” show on November 29th.  Sarah Sorbie (from Glencaple) and Emma Scott (from Annan) both work at Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue Centre and were invited to appear on the TV programme.  It was quite an adventure for our kennel girls and rescue pup, Bella.  First of all, they had to cope with driving down to London in dreadful stormy weather.  Then there was the ordeal of the unfamiliar TV studio – lights, cameras, action!  The producer required a small dog who would sit on Sarah’s lap – she was a bit anxious that all the excitement did not result in a large damp patch as Bella is only 6 months!  But all went well.  Philip and Sarah talked about why handing in a dog to a rescue centre is a much more responsible response to a change in the owner’s circumstances than advertising on facebook where the poor wee dog could end up anywhere, sometimes in very unscrupulous hands as there are few checks and no back up to rehoming.  After all this, our intrepid Doonhamers set off on the long trip back home.  They were delighted to be welcomed by a song and a cuddle from rescue dog Luna who is waiting for her forever home at the Centre.  The Centre at Glencaple has an open day on 9th December from 11.00 am – you will be welcome.

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