Happy Endings

Alfie and misty HE.png
alfie and misty.jpg

Living the dream

This gorgeous double act came in to the kennels back in November 2020 as their owner sadly died and there was no friends or family members able to take them on. 

As a Labrador cross and a Collie cross they were both rather big dogs so we knew it was going o be a challenge to find a home for them together. As they spent much of lockdown with us we got to know their personalities very well. Alfie was outgoing and loved attention whereas Misty was on the quieter side and liked plenty of time to relax.  They say opposites attract and this was certainly the case for these two. They were inseparable! 

Their luck changed for the better in May this year when they found their happily ever after together!  We are over the moon for them! 


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