Happy Endings

Our Nessie is doing great in her new home


Just a wee update about our Molly who used to be your Nessie.

We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to adopt such a perfect little lady. She is really coming out of her shell now, still jumps at sudden noise or movement but is such an angel!  We finally let her off in the park when it was empty.It is 2 minutes walk from us and she loves it. She won't chase a ball but will run like a bullet if I chase it first!! She comes straight back and sits for a treat. Has met local dogs but not overly impressed with them. She just stands and suffers their sniffing of her. She has not barked yet at all but snores loudly. She is completely housetrained which we are amazed at. She has to be dragged out to the garden to do her business even after 8 hours sleep! Truly loves her bed. We can go out for a couple of hours and when we come back he has not moved. Just lifts her head as if to say "So you decided to come back?"

All in all the perfect pet and we are madly in love with her.

We are telling everyone where we got her from and hope it helps in advertising the fantastic work you all do in Dumfries.

Best wishes

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