Happy Endings

amy HE.png

Amy is loving her new life

“Hi guys! Amy doing really well! She has found her sleeping spot, she did a mad zoomie round the inside of the house this going everywhere, she came to work with me, and is coming along with her housetraining. She  was left home alone for 20 minutes today whilst I nipped for my 2nd Covid jag, all intact on return!  The sadness in her eyes is going, and her happiness and spirit is starting to shine through.

Working on her off lead time now using smoked sausage as bribery. She's calming down but still a looney tune...and a sneak thief...all my wordily goods hoarded in her corner lair. Amy eats like a horse, snores like a pig and poops like a donkey. It’s all going well and great fun”.



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