Happy Endings

ollie and Gizmo HE.png

the cutest double act!

“Hiya guys, everything with Ollie and Gizmo has been good so far, no Major problems and they are already letting us know when they want out into the garden and have not " cocked their legs" in the house since they arrived. We have been out and about exploring the neighbourhood today on a couple of short walks during breaks in the rain. They settled down really well last night far better than I expected and after a brief barking spell about 11pm they settled for the night and I did not hear them again until I went downstairs at 5am. I'm very happy with how things are going so far they are such sweet wee dogs and  full of mischief which we love about them. 

They are walking better on the lead and are a lot less reactive to dogs now as we have been trying to distract them when they start to get excited about seeing other dogs. Bedtime routine is still good, they settle no problem but can still bark at outside noises, it only lasts for a few seconds and they settle again. All in all we are happy with how they have settled in to our family they are fantastic boys and we have all taken them into our hearts.”


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