Happy Endings

A letter from Bella

Hi Canine Rescue, 

                             It’s Bella here, do you remember me? I’m the cocker spaniel cross that loves birds, well not just birds, anything that  flies!! I just want to tell you that I absolutely love my new family! I’m getting spoilt rotten and I love it. I go long walks every day, I’m still a bit naughty and pull a bit on the lead but I’m getting much better. It’s only when I’m excited that I do it... I promise. I have been going swimming a lot and I didn’t realise how much fun it would be. I have made new friends with some other dogs, I wasn’t sure at first but now I’ve got to know them I really do enjoy having fun with others. I wasn’t very sure on my name when I came to my new home, but my family have got me used to it and my recall is getting MUCH better. I sit,    lie-down and give paw now, my mum loves teaching me new tricks and I really enjoy learning them. I just want to say thank you to you all at Canine Rescue for looking after me until you found me my new family. And what a great family you have found me. 


Thank you very much again,

Lots of licks and cuddles

From Bella x

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