Happy Endings

An update from an old friend

HI everyone

I'm Jerry and it's more than 11 years since you found me my new Mum and Dad. I'm just about to celebrate my 13th birthday so I thought I would let you know that I'm still going strong and what I've been up to all this time.

My Mum and Dad always tell me that I am such a good boy and a wonderful companion and I know they love me lots. My Dad takes me everywhere with him and all this time he and I have been inseparable. We have had lots of long walks together exploring many of the Scottish hills and forests as well as trips to the beach or a lake where I can get in the water and have a swim.

For the last four years or so we have lived in France and enjoyed a whole new life there with plenty of new places to explore and new doggy friends to meet. In fact we found my little brother there, Alfie, who was abandoned at the roadside one dark night but fortunately he was found and taken to a rescue centre. He's a nice lad but I still think I'm more handsome and I know I'm smarter!! We recently came back to Scotland so I'm looking forward to visiting some of my old haunts again.

Luckily I have enjoyed good health all these years and but for a bit of arthritis I am still reasonably fit and well although I think my doggy agility, which I was once quite good at, is probably behind me now.

My Dad asks me to say a huge thank you for giving him such a wonderful, intelligent dog and a loving friend.

I'm so looking forward to this 13th birthday party, another collar and lead I expect! Hopefully many more birthdays to come.

Ps: I'm the collie in the photo, pesky little brother is a Patterdale terrier (almost!!) My original name was Hemp and I was adopted in February 2008.

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