Happy Endings


Dram is the perfect pet!

Hello to all my human friends at D&G Canine Rescue Centre!


Firstly I must apologise for not contacting you sooner. This is because I've been so busy with my new family. 


I'd like to thank you all so much for rescuing me , nursing me back to health and finding the perfect family for me. I am very happy and wanted to let you know. I love walking in the hills, playing 'splash' in the water, going to the beach, playing with my numerous toys, going for a run, learning new words, sniffing new places and, of course, food. 


Every day my family tell me how clever I am. You would all be amazed at how many words I now know! I have lots of company and have a good routine. I feel totally settled here and, with the support of my family, am more relaxed with new experiences. They have been very patient with me and we are able to communicate well with each other.


I love my new home and family and I know they love me too.


Sincere thanks once again - you literally saved my life and I'll always remember you.


Love from Dram

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