Happy Endings


Buddy is home!

Most dogs who come through our doors looking for help find a new life with a perfectly matched family fairly quickly but now and again we have a dog a little longer than hoped. Buddy originally came to us over a year ago due to an incident in his home where he had snapped at his owner. His family felt after that, they lost confidence in caring for him and felt he would be better suited in a different environment after that. We decided to help out as much as we could to find this little chap a fresh start. 

Buddy was extremely charming and VERY cute but didn't love a lot of fuss or cuddles which meant he didn't match well with what most families wanted. Buddy is very independent and was looking for a home where his space would be respected. 

As you can see from the photos he is loving his new life and settling in great.

Keep up the good work Buddy!!


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