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A catch up with Nellie

This lovely girl came in to the kennels back in early July. Due to her extreme separation anxiety her owner s felt they could no longer care for her needs so had to make the hard decision to have her rehomed. Guinness hated kennel life, it was clear she was missing her home comforts but as you can see from the photos she has been snapped up and is doing great in her new home! 

“I’m Nellie and I’ve been in my new home  since mid August I’m not quite sure why I ended up at the Kennels, cause I always did my best to be a good dog But there I was and I really didn’t like it.

One morning Fiona told me I was coming to a new home, when we got here I did wonder if it was another Rescue centre, there were dogs everywhere As soon as I met Snuff, one of the 5 Greyhound’s here, I knew I’d be alright, I love Snuff and he loves me back. The 7 other dogs are a happy, friendly  bunch but Snuff is special.

I love going out for walks and out into a nearby field where we are all allowed to play, chasing a ball and each other till we are all tired.

My new Mum has been known to spoil us ....she cooks sausages just for us and we usually get one each at bedtime. I’ve learnt to sit and wait till it’s my turn.

Yup, I’m really happy here and give my Mum Lots of lovely cuddles and kisses just to let her know that I love her as much as she loves me.

Thank you for finding me a new family,




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