Happy Endings

Squeak has a new name.


I'm just dropping you a quick line to let you know that Saffie (was Squeak) is getting on perfectly in her new home. It feels as though she's been part of the family for ages.  

As you can see she loves a snuggle.  This was her first night using me as a pillow in front of the fire, snoring her way through all of "I'm a    Celebrity".
... she wasn't budging! She's been great in her crate. She howled initially during her first night but I slept on the sofa near her and she was quiet the rest of the night. Not heard a peep from any night since and her bed has stayed totally intact too!  

She's loving the garden and long'ish walks.  She was even left in the car while Euan did a Tesco's shop today and the car survived.  I'm not even sure she'd realised he had gone.  Stitches out tomorrow evening (fingers crossed) and then shower time.  I possibly won't get my nightly snuggle that night as she'll probably be in the cream puff with me... we shall see.

Thanks again for everything you've done for her.  She's a wee star.

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