Happy Endings

Moose HE.png

Moose lose about this hoose!

“Hello my kennel friends

I hope you are all well and keeping cool in the warm weather! I’m having a good time with the new Family. There are a lot of them and they are all very friendly. I got new toys and the tennis balls are my favourite. I like bringing them back and if I drop it, they’ll throw it again. The sofa is very comfortable and good for cuddling up to. I’ve been going on long walks, early in the morning, I’m barely awake!! But once outside it is nice and lots of places to sniff. I have my moments later in the day when I can get a bit hyper (I know, just can’t help myself!). They play with me and when I get over the top, I have to have a rest on the sofa. The garden is lovely, but their lawn is rubbish so I’m helping to improve it by taking the moss out. I’m not sure they are appreciating my efforts! I’ve met some other 4 legged friends, but some just want to sniff my bum and I’m not having that! 
Greeting from Moose.”


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