Happy Endings

A wee note from Poppy

Hello everyone, Poppy here – I was Poppy3 when you were looking after me.  Do you remember – pretty cute but scruffy at the same time?!

Anyway, I just thought I would send you a quick pupdate about my new life because today I have been in my Forever Home for a whole year! Yes, it’s my First Gotcha Day!

Mum and Dad love me to bits.  Guess where I sleep? Yes, of course I have my own bed, but why sleep in that? I get in with Mum and Dad of course! Sometimes I sleep across the bed, sometimes I sleep under the covers, and sometimes I sleep on the pillows.  And I really love my Dad – in fact, I don’t know how he has ever managed without me!  My Mum works from home but that’s a bit boring, so I get super excited when Dad comes home from work.

I have my own garden and I love helping with the gardening, digging big holes and running up and down with plant pots.  If I hear anyone too close by, I let them know it’s my garden!

We have lots of places to walk and we try to find new places to have adventures too.  My favourite walk is where I can go on my longline – it means I can run round like a crazy thing but still stay safe and not run off.  I love running as fast as I can!  I am getting much better with new people, but some folk just do weird things, like dithering, staring at me or chatting to Mum and Dad too long – I get a bit bored waiting.  I have some lovely family too, who live far away so we go to visit them, but they all love me to bits too.

I’m pleased it’s getting a bit warmer – it means I don’t have to wear my coat, and can do lots of happy rolls in the long grass – having said that, the coat doesn’t stop me, when we have frost or snow, I drag myself along to scratch my tummy! I also love going for a paddle - we have a little river near by and I go in up to my tummy and have a splodge around, even if it is cold!

I try really hard to be a good girl and mum and dad help me with lots of kindness, far too many kisses and lovely treats.  Well, I better go now and have a quick nap and recharge my batteries before Dad comes home for lunch – yippee!

Bye for now,

Love from

Poppy x”

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