Happy Endings

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a catch up with Patrick

We get many people hunting for the perfect dog and although most people who understand dogs love them with their flaws and quite often for their flaws, now and again we get a dog in who is literally quite perfect. 

Mid July we had a lovely big, black Lurcher called Patrick come to us for help finding his new home. He had spent some time at another Rescue Centre down South with no luck. We instantly fell in love with him and couldn't understand how he hadn't met his match yet. Patrick was a fantastic dog to have around here as he was great with other dogs so he could teach the rest a thing or two about how to play. We had a few more difficult dogs able to find new homes thanks to the help with socialising from our Pat! Mid September we had a young family come in looking for their first dog and we knew we had just the man for them. Patrick is doing great with his new little sister as you can see from the photos. We miss you Patrick! 


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