Happy Endings


Sandy's first Anniversary!

How fast a year goes past!

It will be my first-year anniversary on the 21st February when I moved in with my new family. Boy oh boy are they hard work! What a year! They have taken a bit of time, patience and hard work to train and come round to my way of thinking, but I am getting there.

We have had our trials and tribulations, I mean, I used to get really angry with them all, I had to give them a few serious warnings….they just didn’t get the rules of my games, now they understand, if I have socks, shoes, hats, face masks, the only way I will give them up is with a treat!! Hankies, however, are on a different league, they still haven’t worked out what the treat of equal value to those are.  I am going to keep them guessing for a while yet, so for now I continue to rule on this one.

While we are on treats, I was a little naughty.  I convinced the vet I had an allergy as my ears were really sore.  He suggested that I try a new diet as this may be the cause.  So, here comes the new menu – mince with liver and rice and a selection of vegetables for breakfast and dinner.  Homemade gravy bone and banana oat balls.  It’s all dead tasty and they put so much effort into it.  Little did they know I just get really dirty ears, a lot – talk about getting waited on paw and pad.  What a life!!!

I have bagged my own seat on the sofa, believe me I can see everything from this seat – what’s cooking in the kitchen, who is at the front door and who is coming up the stairs.  I know absolutely everything that is going on.  It really is the comfiest seat in the house after we have been on some of the many adventures.   I hadn’t realised all these amazing places existed Hartfell, Screel, The Queensberry, Andy Goldsworthy’s Arches (there is a whole other story here!), Criffel, Iron Age Hill Forts, forests, shores, you name it I have done it.  I am told the Merrick and Cairnsmore are fantastic but we have to wait for COVID to go away before we head over that way!! I never know where I am going to end up.

That indeed is true, as one day, what a shock, I walked round the corner and landed in the biggest pile of dung you have ever seen…oooppps.  Not sure they really believe this story, but oh my goodness, it took some time to get the car smelling nice and boy, oh boy did they have a job bathing me!!!  

How I have changed their lives, they always tell me how much they love me, how gorgeous, handsome and clever I am, I knew this deep down before but never stopped to believe it.  How my life has changed, I love my family (they try their best to be obedient and see my way of thinking).  I am not angry anymore (well, hardly ever!), my tail wags every minute of the day and believe it or not I love nothing more than a big cuddle and kisses.

Thank you for looking after me and helping us all find each other.  I still have work to do with my family, you can always teach an old dog new tricks!!!  What more could we ask for?”



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