Happy Endings

Sasha HE.png
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Our Sasha finally found love!

This is our beautiful Sasha, she first came to us back when she was just a pup. Sasha had the face of an angel but wasn’t an easy dog to rehome. Although she didn't have a bad bone in her, she was very intelligent which meant she needed  A LOT of exercise and mental stimulation to keep her happy. Before she even reached the age of one she had had three different homes and spent time here at the kennels  so it was important we could find her a perfect match as soon as possible. As you can see from the photo and update we achieved just that!

She is living the dream with another dog and a very active family. We are so happy for you Sasha!  



Just thought you might like a wee update on her. She is settling in well, enjoying the local walks. 

Her and Benji are getting used to each other around the house, albeit with some unsettledness! They are gradually improving though. They had a canicross run together last night, that went really well .

She is already very good at travelling in the van, that was much easier than I had expected. She's still not brilliant at settling in the crate at home, but improving. She slept quietly through the night in it last night and she gets her meals in it in food toys to keep her busy.”



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