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Reference: 19.220     Approx Age: 6 years

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Independent man

Buster is a gorgeous, independent character who can be very determined. He has learned to use aggression if he feels confronted and doesn’t want to do something. For example, if Buster is somewhere such as on the couch, or has a toy and he doesn’t want to move or give up the item, it is not advised to try and take him by the collar as he will find this confrontational and will snap. As Buster is motivated by food we can use this to help train him. So, rather than placing hands on him to move him, showing him a high value treat to encourage him and reward him when he moves. This will need ongoing management and an owner who understands this.

  We would recommend training a ‘go to bed for reward’ in order to move him off the sofa, rather than placing hands on him to move, which he can resist. Buster feels the need to guard toys from people or other dogs, so future adopters must use a ‘swapsies’ technique in which we exchange items for something of equal or higher value.

Despite wanting his own space in some situations, Buster has been quite good for us when getting groomed and when being examined by the vet.  Buster loves his walks and sniffs in the woodlands. He doesn’t mind being mucky and will take any opportunity to roll in mud or splash about in puddles. Buster has shared his home with other dogs but did get into some scraps (we are not certain what this was over exactly). Buster is certainly a fan of the female canines but they do not always appreciate his efforts.

Buster has not lived with cats so may find them interesting to investigate. We can’t guarantee how he would be in the house sharing his space with a feline. Buster has not had much experience in the car.

Buster keeps his kennel clean as much as possible and should continue to be clean in the house if given enough opportunity when outside.


Buster was brought in due to his behaviour in his previous home.

Re-homing Criteria

Buster requires a home without children and owners who have had experience with Lhasa Apso’s previously. His adopter must recognise he will need ongoing management.


Homefinder Questionnaire

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