Daisy and Wobble AVAILABLE

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  •  Black and White and Tri Colour


Reference: 23/035 and 23/034

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We’re a package deal! A bonded pair of collies that need to be rehomed together.

**Wobble has a cleft nose and some neurological symptoms but neither have an impact on her quality of life**

Daisy (Black and White) is estimated to be 2-3 years old, and Wobble (Tri Colour) is estimated to be 4-5 years old.  

Daisy and Wobble came to us as a bonded pair so now they are in search of a home together. They rely heavily on each other for company, Wobble appears to be the more confident of the two whereas Daisy can be more reserved and interacts with you only on her own terms. Daisy dislikes changes in routine and the unknown, such as unfamiliar places and people; if she feels threatened or scared, she will try to escape from you therefore Daisy will need a lot of time and patience to build her confidence. Wobble is a bit more confident than Daisy and enjoys her walks and attention, but she isn’t a fan of meeting other unknown dogs. Both girls have lived in a home before however, they will need a housetraining refresher. Daisy and Wobble can be skittish when out walking so we will be looking for a quiet rural home away from busy areas.


Daisy and Wobble came to us from another organisation.

Re-homing Criteria

Wobble and Daisy are in search of a quiet rural home together with no other dogs or young children. A secure garden with at least a 6-foot fence is a must for these ladies. Some experience with nervous/anxious collies would be beneficial. They are both brilliant girls, and when they are in a home where they feel safe and settled you will see their incredible, unique personalities.  

Homefinder Questionnaire

If you'd like to help rehome Daisy and Wobble simply complete the Homefinder Questionnaire to get started.


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